Helicopters are special, they fly fast and far but were more so built to land.  Helicopters are the perfect aircraft to access mountains, glaciers and magical places as we can just sit down about anywhere.  A magical place for your ceremony is what we are going to find, what we are going to locate.  On your special day we will meet, have a fun quick photo shoot with the helicopter before the blades are spinning.  We will then board with the pilot, photographer (yours truly) officiant (so many options here) and the two of you (additional people may be an option, were limited by weight or budget).  Flying through the mountains itself is magical and we will take in breathtaking views and can hang out, hovering / checking out the mountains from our unique vantage point.  We will then land and you will have your special very personal moment.  Photos will capture this.  During this time, I set up for some formal but fun photographs in your special location.  We have a fun time creating memories and moments, dancing to music/ drinking your celebratory bottle of Champaign.  Maybe we find a special Image given the unique assets of our location and utilizing our amazing tool of a Helicopter.  At some point, we must pack it up and head out.  But once we land the day is not over.  We get some more photos, unique and custom but different than what’s been created so far so you have a nice variety.

Ralph Kristopher began shooting in 1992 when his grandfather Richard F. Myers, a photographer for the United States Navy during WWII, gave him a camera and one piece of advice: “Don’t just take a picture.” Kristopher was first published at the age of 21 in Powder Magazine and has been featured in international exhibits, magazines, commercial publications, and art galleries across the United States. Kristopher’s personal experience in the mountains and backcountry have afforded him the opportunity to photograph skilled athletes on all kinds of amazing adventures around the globe. In addition, RK’s love and affinity for capturing people in their special moments has made him highly sought-after for candids and portraiture. Regarding Kristopher’s dedication to photography as a social art, he says: “Photography is a fun and meaningful act of participation in a special moment that persists through time.”  This perspective has added to his unique style and his clients’ experience.  It is RK’s attention to detail, his understanding of composition and balance of light, backed with over two decades of technical skill that set him apart from others.

Always willing to go the extra mile, Kristopher is a humble, personable, down to earth gentleman.  Currently, Kristopher is accepting assignments for publications, hire for commercial adventure campaigns, or for your next wedding, elopement, event, or family gathering. Watch for his private art projects and special events titled: RK Presents, as they bring more than is expected.